BIO DESIGN and Pool Control

The Sand Pool: A new dimension of swimming pool world.

If you are looking for a new swimming pool that is not monotonous, not as boring as the conventional style, then look no further. Today, Pool Control, a high-end swimming pool company introduces you to a innovative approach on pool design, the Sand Pool. Offering a natural look, more suitable for the contemporary world, the most Eco-friendly pool with an extended lifespan!

What exactly is a Sand pool by Pool Control?

Forget about concrete and let’s dive into a world of endless possibilities and create with us your dream pool.
Sand pool is an innovative type of free-form swimming pool, without confining to the square pool shapes that we commonly see.
Innovative construction techniques using natural sand imported from Europe.

How is a Sand pool better than a regular one?

The Sand pool serves as a canvas for your imagination, transforming your pool area into a beautiful seascape. Its uniqueness gives one the luxury of living by a picturesque beach. Pair it with a smart water treatment system as our Bio-Climatic system, and its added value attracts all eyes!
This healthy swimming pool guarantees the safety for everyone, including children and pets.

Use real sand, genuine natural sand.
Elevate the level of luxury of your pool space.
Free-Form, no squares, no corners, no monotony.
Add value to the house and project by bringing a beautiful beach right to your doorstep!
Durable, easy to clean, does not accumulate stains, does not cause moss.

If you are interested to build the pool of your dream with sand only, contact our team. Our experienced experts are happy to provide guidance tailored to your pool design aspirations, ensuring the highest quality standard.
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