Bio-Climatic Concept

Optimum water quality throughout the year

A question of balance

The pool is a natural environment that is influenced by biological and climate factors, such as sunlight and UV radiation, water and air temperature, and the type of water treatment used.
Altering any of these factors can lead to an imbalance that affects the entire system. To restore balance, corrective measures must be taken while taking all the parameters into account. However, regardless of the corrective measure, the dose must be carefully and accurately measured to restore and maintain the delicate balance of the water.

Accurate regulation

The Bio-Climatic Pool by Pool Control approach considers the pool as a whole, implementing a process to maintain balance instead of a general intervention such as the addition of chlorine or continuous filtering, which typically exacerbates the imbalance. It involves assessing all the bio-
climatic factors that affect the water in the pool, controlling them accurately and sensibly, and ensuring the correct dosage to maintain excellent water quality at all times.

Accurate regulation - Pool Control
Optimization of hydraulic design - Pool Control

Optimization of hydraulic design

The energy consumption of a swimming pool depends on the equipments  chosen and how the hydraulic system is made.
The optimization is done by correctly sizing the pipes between the technical room and the swimming pool, by choosing the right pump flow rates and the right filter diameter.
The quality of a swimming pool depends 80% on the hydraulic installation, the remaining 20% depends on the right choice of water treatment.

User health

Swimmers are often the ones who suffer from improper doses and the use of incorrect chemistry. A well-balanced Bio-Climatic pool environment controlled by Pool Control ensures high-quality water that does not irritate the eyes, respiratory system, skin, or mucous membranes, which guarantees
healthy swimming and making the pool a pleasure to use!

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